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Have you ever seen a Noh play ?

Let’s enjoy your first experience-Yozakura-noh!

The third night’s special recommendation

In April 2019, “Yozakura-noh” will celebrate its 27th anniversary. Performed by Bonfire Light at the Yasukuni Shrine each spring, “Yozakura-noh” , which means “Noh Play at Night under Cherry Blossoms” , has become an event to which many look forward.

           ✿ The breathlessly beautiful Yasukuni-Shrine with lighted up ✿

  ✿ In light from a bonfire, a fantastic Noh-Stage emerges out of darkness. ✿

      ✿ Japanese traditional dance with gorgeous costume on the stage!! ✿

               ✿✿✿ “As if it were an Alive Museum !!”  ✿✿✿

✿ Performance Schedule & Program  

 ✿ The 1st Night    at 6:40 p.m.on Tuesday, 2 April 
     Fire Ceremony under Chrry Blossoms   

     Maibayashi     “Sakuragawa”             Tosikatsu Ogura                   
     Kyogen          “Boh-Shibari”              Mansai Nomura                  
     Noh               “Giõ”                          Ryuzo Tazaki

✿ The 2nd Night   at 6:40 p.m.on Wednesday, 3 April 2019  

     Fire Ceremony under Chrry Blossoms 
     Maibayashi    “Ama”                        Kimio Otsubo                                 
     Kyogen         “Funefuna”               Mansaku Nomura /Mansai Nomura 

     Noh             “Kuramatengu-Hakuto”   Kazufusa Hosho

✿ The 3rd Night   at 6:40 p.m.on Thursday, 4 April, 2019  

    Fire Ceremony under Chrry Blossoms 

    Maibayashi    “Nomori”                      Naotaka Kakutou                          
    Kyogen         “Sakka”                        Man Nomura/  Manzo Nomura  

    Noh              “Koi-no-omoni”             Minoru Umewaka   

We rcommend you the third day !!

On the third night, you can enjoy the great performances, played by three famous performers who were all designated as Living National Treasure.

Man Nomura               a Kyogen performer of the Izumi School,

                                         a member of the Japan Art Academy,

                                         a living national treasure

Minoru Umewaka          a Noh performer of the Kanze School,

                                         a living national treasure,

Genjiro Okura                a small hand drum performer,

                                         the head of Okura School,

                                         a living national treasure​

✿Ticket Sales

On Sale from February 2nd  (Sat), 2019 10:00AM.

Reserved Seats :  SS:¥12,000yen S:¥8,500yen A:¥5,500yen

Non-reserved Seats : B:¥3,500yen

Ticket information:(Credit card payment is available on both sites)

✿ Confetti: tickets for all seats on all three days; 
 please go to http://confetti-web.com/yozakura-noh
 Inquiry ☎ 03-6228-1062(10:00-18:00 weekday)

✿ e+: tickets for S seats on 4 April only ;                             
please go to  http://eplus.jp/ib-yozakura-noh/       


Venue: Noh Theater at Yasukuni Shrine                                          

(a short walk from either Kudanshita Subway or Iidabashi JR station)
Doors : 18:10  Curtains : 18:40  ~ 21:00

This performance will be held even in light rain.

In case of heavy rain, the venue of this performance will be changed to Shinjuku-Cultual  Center .  

Please call 0180-991-560 when the weather is unpredictable. 

(only available after 16:30 on the day)


Substitute Venue : Shinjuku-Cultual  Center

 (5 minutes walk from Higashi-Shinjuku station)

Doors : 18:40  Curtains : 19:10 ~ 21:10

Organized by : Fuji Television Network, Inc. / Institute yozakura-noh

Supported by : Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Special Sponsor : Tonets Corporation