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Japanese traditional mask play

Noh Theatre at Yasukuni Shrine

In  2022, in April, “Yozakura-Noh” will celebrate its  29th anniversary.

Performed by bonfire light at  Yasukuni Shrine every spring, “Yozakura-Noh”, which means “Noh plays at night under cherry blossoms”, has become an event to which many people look forward.

Apr. (Mon) /  5(Tue) / 6(Wed ), 2022  at 19 :00 pm

Tickets Available from Feb.19 (Sat)

Venue may change because of bad weather.

Information on the day is available at Teledome

     0180-991-560 after 15:30 p.m.

Yozakura-Noh Tickets (intel.tax)

Reserved seats (for each night)

SS: \12,500/ S: \8,800/ A : \5,700/ Unreserved seats B: \3,600

*English Audio Guide  \700

Please cooperate with these coronavirus infection prevention measures.

 ・We check your temperature. You can enter with normal temperature.

 ・Please make sure to wear a mask and disinfect your hands.

 ・Please refrain from talking in the venue as much as possible.

 ・With a fever of 37.5℃ or higher, cough, and so on, you cannot enter.

 ・You can bring in only plastic bottles for drinking.

 ・The audiences may be asked to leave the venue at several times after the     


 ・These countermeasures are subject to change depending on circumstances.


・ The 1st Night       Entry: 18:10 p.m.; Curtain Rise: 19:00 p.m. Monday, 4 April 2022

Synopses for Appreciation

Fire Ceremony    

Maibayashi    “Kosodesoga”     Hajime Tazaki /Kazuma Tatumi                  
Kyogen         “Fuzumo”        Mansai Nomura/  Yukio Ishida         
Noh              “Hagoromobanshiki”    Ryuzo Tazaki

・ The 2nd Night    Entry: 18:10 p.m.; Curtain Rise: 19:00 p.m. Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Synopses for Appreciation


Fire Ceremony
Maibayashi   “Tamura”       Kimio Otsubo                                 
Kyogen        “Kiyomizato”     Mansaku Nomura /Mansai Nomura

Noh             “Takasago -tsukurimonode  ​ Kazufusa Hosho

・ The 3rd Night   Entry: 18:10 p.m.; Curtain Rise: 19:00 p.m.  Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Synopses for Appreciation

Fire Ceremony

Maibayashi      “Naniwa”        Masamichi Yamazaki                          
Kyogen           “Hinosake”      Man Nomura/Manzo Nomura 

Noh     “Tsuchigumo -irechigainoden, hakuto, kenzokudenoden”      Minoru Umewaka                


Ticket information:(Credit card payment is available on both sites)

・Confetti: tickets
please go to https://confetti-web.com/yozakura-noh
Inquiry  ☎ 03-6228-1062(10:00 a.m. - 18:00 p.m. weekdays)

・e+: tickets                            
please go to https://ib.eplus.jp/yozakura-noh 


・No entrance to children under seven

・It tends to be quite chilly at night so please keep warm

・Even should the performance be held at the substitute venue, your seat number will remain the same as at the original venue


Venue: Noh Theater at Yasukuni Shrine                               

(a short walk from either Kudanshita station on the Hanzomon line or Iidabashi JR station) 

Substitute venue in case of rain: Shinjuku Bunka Center



・The New System of NTT TELEDOME

The Teledome can answer as many as 1000 calls at a time and tell you the right venue to go to. Please  dial 0180-991-560 after 15:30 of the day of the performance from your  cell phone.

・Please make sure to read the following information in advance.

In case of rain the event will be held at Shinjuku Bunka Center. The program and performers are also subject to change without prior notice. In either case, there will be no refund on tickets, and no cancellations will be accepted.

 Entry: 18:40 p.m.; Curtain Rise: 19:10 p.m. Except for the tickets to be sold on the day of the performance, all seats will be reserved seats. 



  • YouTube「能って、知ってる?」
  • YouTube「能って、知ってる?」

Organized by : Fuji Television Network, Inc. / Institute yozakura-noh

Supported by : Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Special Sponsor : Tonets Corporation